A Play of Knaves

I suppose there is a joke about the high percentage of murders in the poor town of Crabapple cove in 1980’s.  I think the convent of St. Frideswide in the early 1400’s suffered the same situation.  With 17 novels in the series, Dame Frevisse, a cloistered nun is the sleuth.  I love this series.  Margaret Frazer details really make this historical period fascinating.  (near the ending of what we think of as the middle ages and shortly  before the start of  the renaissance.)  Not that there is any way for the characters to know this.  It must be difficult for Margaret Frazer to keep coming up with ideas for Frevisse to leave the convent, or to have unexpected deaths happen there, so she has started another series with Joliffe, an actor who is friends with Frevisse.  (Much easier for a traveling actor to actually travel!) This series, I think tends to be darker. Both are excellent and I sometimes know who did it, but not always.  I highly recommend them.  Good stories and thoughtful ideas about faith and spirituality.

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